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Flight simulator lets you fly like a pigeon for a brief span of time


Researchers at University College London’s Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) have built a flight simulator that lets you fly like a pigeon. Only the difference is that you have to flap your arms instead of wings. If you want to hover over London, the simulator will use Google Earth and a Microsoft Kinect sensor which will track your body movements and interpret them to pigeon’s movements of navigation.

DIY Arcade style racing cockpit gives you the real thrill of racing track

DIY Racing Cabinet

This article will surely give goose bumps to those who are crazy about racing games. The fun of racing games increases if you have a steering wheel to handle the car instead of a controller. And having a racing cockpit to perform it is like a cherry on the cake. This whole setup has been designed by Matthew Boyer and gives his living room a real feel of the racing track.

Cooking simulator will make you a professional cook in no time

cooking simulator

Cooking is a very interesting hobby and those who love cooking, it’s a cake walk. But for the people like me who don’t know anything about cooking, it’s as difficult as taking first place in Marathon. A research group at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has made a cooking simulator which works like a video game and helps make cooking easier and interesting for people like me.