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Mood, a sustainable iPhone case breaks apart to form an acoustic speaker

Elegantly designed mood case for your iPhone is an exclusive blend of nature and technology. The case not only protects your iPhone but also imparts the warm touch to your precious gadget. Such great fusions are seen very rarely. The packaging project called Mood designed by Jacob Gerhardt was made keeping sustainability in mind.

The Doggy radio’s musical bark is worth a hark

Doggy radio

What’s that cuddly doggy with the red nose over there? We’ll tell you what it is and you’ll surely like what we tell you. That pup right there is a limited series radio designed by Yoshitomo Nara. This art object of a radio shall be restricted to 3000 pieces only. The ‘doggy radio’ is fashioned in fibreglass and houses in it a high-born Yamaha sound system which plays your favourite music in bright, vibrant tones.

The donut that produces high quality acoustics

Pulp fiber is the stuff that finds application in packaging everything from fragile consumer electronics to even delicate fruits. Recycled paper pulp or pulp fiber therefor is a by-product of paper with its own unique benefits. Never before did this material find application in acoustics and rightly so owing to the poor affinity of pulp fiber for acoustics. Surprisingly, shaping the same material into a donut has led to the yielding of high quality acoustics agreeable with most audiophiles.