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Life-size replica of Tie Fighter Spacecraft by Star wars fans is a masterpiece

Another amazing masterpiece by Star Wars passionate fans has come into limelight. A life-size model of the ‘Tie Fighter’ spacecraft has been created by a team of German Star Wars admirers. The 1:2 scale replica of Tie Fighter has been crafted using plastic, wood and steel which took almost 2 years for completion. The Darth Vader’s Tie fighter was publicized in Eichenzell, Germany and has become a hot topic of discussion among Star wars fan since then.

Incredibly detailed two foot tall Star Wars AT-AT Cake

Incredibly detailed two foot tall AT-AT Cake

See the picture below? Would you believe me when I say it’s a cake? No you won’t. But trust me, it is. The amazingly detailed AT-AT cake is a creation by ChrisTheCook of Cake Central. It’s a two foot tall groom’s cake that looks just like an original AT-AT Walker from the Star Wars. Talking about details, the cake stands on snow, giving it a Planet Hoth-like look.

Star Wars X-Wing bed for your kid would surely make him your admirer

If you are a Star War fan you would surely love this geeky bed. Geeks love to make innovations and in the same process imgur user ‘DarthDaddy42’ has crafted an amazing X-wing bed for his kid. Lucky kid! Isn’t he? The X-wing bed is quite cool with strike foils that actually open and close like in an attack position. The bed is equipped with an HDTV along with a Blu-ray player.

This Star Wars cake would make perfect valentine celebration for a geeky couple

Star Wars Cake

The perfect treat for your Star Wars loving Valentine. They say that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach and that of a woman’s is diamonds but you might as well take it as a fact that the way to a Star Wars buff is..well nothing but star wars merchandise. Therefore, here’s a little treat which will lighten up February 14th for your ‘Star Wars Struck’ Valentine. Here’s how you can ‘make it so’.

The popular model depicting a Han Solo frozen in carbonite goes LEGO and Life Size

The legendary Harrison Ford adopted the persona of a legendary character by the name of Han Solo in the original Star Wars Trilogy. Since then, the character has been nothing short of iconic. Being the most popular star wars merchandise, there’s been a latest modification to the popular Han Solo frozen in Carbonite model.

Burst watermelons with X-Men like brainwaves

melon mind explosion

The term ‘mind games’ often carries with it a negative connotation, a will to confound or harm someone but Chris and Brad from Louisville, Kentucky have given an all new dimension to the term which stands for nothing but innocuous fun. Stand aloof and don’t even use your hands, play Darth Vader for a change. Kentucky based Hackerspace LVL-1 has made use of Star Wars Force Trainer which in scientific terms would be something akin to an electroencephalograph (EEG) which is used to scan brain waves.

Star Wars inspired Aerofex hovering vehicle turns as you tilt

Aerofex hovering bike

The first time we saw speeder bikes in Star Wars, I bet, each one of you wanted one for yourself. ‘Return of the Jedi’ also inspired many to make one for real, and now a firm in California named Aerofex developed a mechanical system that allows a vehicle to hover naturally and control the vehicle just by leaning movements of the pilot.

A homemade Star Wars snow speeder sled is made out of card board

Sledding is one of the most exciting activities for kids, adults or elders. Everyone enjoys snow sledding, but a user on the internet who is named as “Fortyozjuicebox” sledding isn’t so exciting until you sled on a “Star Wars snow speeder sled.”