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B.A.B.E, the biggest Steampunk gun shoots smoke

B.A.B.E. The largest Steampunk Gun 1

People who love Steampunk style would definitely love B.A.B.E, a customized gun which is possibly the largest Steampunk Gun ever made. The gun depicts an amazing blend of modern concepts with scientific inventiveness by Hatton Cross Steampunk. Actually, this huge gun is not meant to kill it just shoots a shower of smoke along with some glitzy lights. B.A.B.E’s actual name is “Behemoth Acaulescent Blunderbuss of Eradication.”

Fascinating Steampunk Xbox 360 & GE 1960’s Antique Radio Combo-Mod

Steampunk Xbox 360 and Radio Top

I’m not exactly sure what makes people want to mod their game systems. Maybe it’s a creative spark, maybe it’s complete and utter obsession with a game, or maybe it’s just boredom. On this one it is a distinct combination of ADHD and boredom of the “unemployed” variety. With that being said, this mod began with the purchase of an antique General Electric 1960s clock radio receiver.

Steampunk electric guitar has amazing Knobs and Switches just like a Fighter Jet

Thunderer steampunk guitar

Thunderer is a steampunk electric guitar handmade by Will Rockwell and technically supported by Manny Salvador. The name has been inspired from customary name given to cannons of British warships. It features several light switches and eight knobs that manages special effects, monitor battery power, adjust sound of different units and performs other functions too. It’s a stunning piece of art that offers music not only to ears but also to eyes.

Steampunk NES casemod is an awesome creation for gaming freaks

Good news for steampunk admirers.  An extremely fascinating casemod has been created by reddit user Andrew 5785. He did it for his steampunk fan nephew who wanted to have an old Nintendo. Andrew reformed an old Nintendo system into a fine little brass retro device.

Huge Steampunk Iron Man action figure is detailed to the core

Kids are fascinated by action figures, one of their favourite is Iron Man. But, this steampunk Iron Man action figure is not for kids, this one is for us, grownups. A 24-inch steampunk action figure of Iron Man by Pack Rat Studios is detailed to the core. The figure has 54 points of articulation in whole body and a light up chest piece. Jonathan Kuriscak from Pack Rat Studios took a total of five months to build this awesome figure.

PainTTless by Thunderbike is studded with Copper and Nickel to give one hell of a Steampunk grace

PainTTless is a custom bike by Andreas Bergerforth and his squad “The Thunderbike Garage.”  The design is inspired by ice-racing motorbikes. It took about eight months to finish the built. Most of the work was done by hand and all the effort was put in for the AMD World Championship of customizing bikes which was held in Sturgis (USA).

Xbox 360 controller wholly modified into a rugged Steampunk 360 controller

Steampunk Xbox 360 controller

Modifications on 360 controllers look striking. Having seen so many mods on them, an artist named Reader Devin decided to steampunk a 360. Reader turned a standard controller into a mechanical Victorian style art controller. He transformed it fully from buttons to the body.