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Now experience rich Holographic imaging via your smartphone’s screen using HOLHO

Now here’s something worthy of a Sheldon Cooper ‘BAZINGA’! Holographic Displays which generate richly textured images in thin air have so far been imagined to be restricted to sophisticated labs and studios. But HOLHO aims to bring that same experience to us all owning smartphone and tablets with HOLHO holographic displays.

Could V4 HD from China with its daunting configuration be the iPad from the east?

It has been axiomatically established now that Apple’s iPad is considered more or less synonymous to the term ‘tablet pc’. When people say that they want a tablet, they almost mechanically spell out ‘iPad’. But tarry a bit, a Chinese tab’s name has appeared on the arrival list which can do much in the way of standing toe to toe with Apple’s iconic device.

Archos tablet with an inbuilt joystick will boost your gaming performance

Archos has been well known for revolutionizing the consumer electronics market and has even won award for brining innovation in electronics. The company is again in limelight for announcing their first gaming tablet. The tablet features 7inch screen and runs on Android 4.0. It also features 1.5GHz dual core processor along with a quad-core Mali 400 Graphics Processing unit. Another remarkable feature is that with the regular touchscreen, the tablet has got physical gaming controls as well. For making physical gaming tools compatible with the Android games, Archos has introduced its own gaming recognition and mapping tools.