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Sci-Fi movies inspired AtmoSphere toy hovers on hand

Have you ever heard about a chopper being controlled by the palm of your hands other than a remote control or a smartphone application? If not, here it comes! Air hogs, a renowned name in remote control vehicles has come up with a fascinating approach that would make a helicopter move in response to the hand movements of the user. The chopper yet to be released has been named as AtmoSphere.

Auto Mee S: Hockey puck like robot to keep your touchscreen device crystal clear

Keeping touchscreen devices clean is a major snag that users have to face every now and then. To deal with this snag a Japanese company known as Takara Tomy has developed a robot that swipes away the dust and dirt off your device’s screen and makes it crystal clear. The robot acts as a tiny vacuum cleaner (Roomba-like) and cleans the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

A 3D-printed hi-tech remote controlled Transforming Robot

Autobot Transformer robot 1

Brave Robotics has developed a robot that can transform into a car with push button controls. It’s a 3D printed (3D Printed parts) robot that functions like an actual Autobot, only the scale is 1/12. The robot can walk around very quickly, transform within seconds, shoot missiles and can be driven like a sports car. It also features a Wi-Fi camera that can capture the Autobot’s view and display it on a tablet or any other gadget of same kind.