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Self balancing Hovertrax is the fun way of personal transportation


I’ve always wanted an easy and fun way of travelling short distances. I am quite sure you too wanted the same. Just for some guys like us, Inventist, a company that makes compact personal transportation vehicles, has unveiled Hovertrax. Hovertrax is a self-balancing, light-weight and small transporter that can carry you around at 6mph for 4 miles on a single charge. It can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor transportation.

Fancy a Flying Car? This Flying Motor Tricycle will give you a super flight time over the traffic

Flying Tricycle

How many times have you wished your car could just coast past the mortifying traffic aerially, avoiding rampant vehicular deadlocks which show no signs of budging? Apparently, a bright Texan inventor by the name of Larry Neal has brought this fancy to life with his invention ‘The super sky cycle’.

Star Wars inspired Aerofex hovering vehicle turns as you tilt

Aerofex hovering bike

The first time we saw speeder bikes in Star Wars, I bet, each one of you wanted one for yourself. ‘Return of the Jedi’ also inspired many to make one for real, and now a firm in California named Aerofex developed a mechanical system that allows a vehicle to hover naturally and control the vehicle just by leaning movements of the pilot.