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CONDOR is a carbon fiber sports wheelchair inspired from skateboards

condor wheelchair

The sports wheelchair that we are going to talk about in the article is termed as Condor Marathon’s Wheelchair and is it’s a concept designed by Juan Gill with the help of experts in this field. The final product had been manufactured after doing quite a bit research in the field. The research conducted in Argentina demonstrated that maximum people avoided sport wheelchairs or used secondhand wheelchairs because of their expensive prices. Therefore an effort has been done to craft a comfortable and new chair for users who cannot afford high priced wheelchairs.

World’s first underwater wheelchair allows disabled to dive and swim freely

A magical chair will soon be released in the market that will allow paralyzed go underwater with self-propelled wheelchair.  Yes! You read it right. Artist Sue Austin is worked hard on building its prototype. Austin is himself on wheelchair since 1996, has made this chair with the help of diving professionals. The chair will be navigated with customized fin and acrylic strip using foot. It will be powered using dual propulsion vehicles. The funding for the exceptional project has been provided by Art’s Council’s Impact Scheme.

Ben Heck gives tank-like motor control and joystick-like foot control to a wheelchair

Ben Heck wheelchair

Ben Heck is known for hacks and mods on gaming consoles. Never did he thought about hacking for a nobel cause, but this time Ben Heck actually did it for a physically disabled dad, who is about to become a father. Josh Benhart visited Ben and requested him to build a wheelchair for him that he could use while carrying his newborn along. Ben couldn’t refuse and he took the project, although, the project wasn’t able to complete on time, Ben finished it with great zeal.