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Ultra-thin EON-C card light is the world’s first credit card sized flashlight

Do you face problem in storing batteries and taking them specially while travelling? If yes, no more worries. Here comes a very sleek and stylish steel flashlight. The Eon-C classic credit card sized flashlight by Iain Sinclair is ultra-thin and has a very finished and refined look. It comes with two LEDs capable of producing a very efficient beam of light which can remain lit for 168 hours in a go.

World’s first 3D printed football shoe can increase players speed

3D printed 'NIKE vapor laser talon' football boot

Nike Vapor Laser Talons is the world’s first football shoe which has a 3D printed base. The shoes are designed in such a manner that they can boost a player’s performance. 3D printed sole helps a player cross first 10 yards with greater efficiency and speed. Weighing just 5.6 oz it provides optimal traction on the field and lets athletes run along for longer.

Solar-copter is the world’s first solar panel that flies to find sunlight

Solar panels are not able to offer their 100 percent because they do not remain in sunlight all day long. But what if we have a solar panel that flies itself to different areas at different times of a day in search of sunlight? The amazing vision of creating a flying Solar-copter is a brainchild of the students at Queen Mary University of London.

Enough 3D printing! Now this pen can “write” in 3D, that too in the air

3D printing is a revolution in technological world. We have witnessed various types of 3D printers but what we are going to discuss today is really different and astounding. A 3D printing pen named 3Doodler. It’s a magical pen that can create wondrous objects in air, literally. 3Doodler is touted to be the world’s first and only 3D Printing Pen. Working of the pen seems  just like a magic, a magic to draw or write anything in air.

Next Generation artificial hands will ‘feel’ what they touch

Bionic Hand

A bionic hand lets an amputee carry out his original hand movements. What it does not offer is the feeling of touch. This year a team of doctors from Italy are going to transplant a bionic hand onto a patient. Now there is something unique about this bionic hand, it can ‘feel’ sensations. OhYes, its true, these artificial limbs can actually feel sensory impressions through hand sensors and can also be controlled by mere thoughts.

Winter-Sun Travel Outfit: An outfit that can transform into a strapless dress, a mini-skirt or a hooded jacket

Winter Sun Travel Outfit

Have you ever felt the need of changing your outfit all of a sudden? Some of you might have. Sudden changes in the weather, unexpected call for a celebration are some of the reasons which could lead you in doing so. A UK travel website called TravelSupermarket has found a way out to this dilemma. They came out with an outfit that can transform from a hooded jacket into a mini skirt or even a strapless dress.

Watch your food in High Definition video before ordering it: Here’s Livmenu


A woman from France wasn’t quite satisfied with the way usual restaurant menus are made out. She could not be sure whether a menu could actually portray the actual quality and taste of the food. Despite a long list of delights, she thought one could not discern how good any choice in particular would turn out to be. It struck her so that she ended up creating the world’s first video menu.

The world’s first subsea limousine ‘CE5’ submarine features touch screen controls

C-Explorer 5 Submarine

U-Boat Worx, a company renowned to make the world class submersibles has now unveiled the C-Explorer 5. C-Explorer 5 is a class submarine which is dubbed as the ‘world’s first subsea limousine’ by its creators. C-Explorer 5 can also be called the CE5, accommodates four people in all with air conditioning for comfortable ride. It comes for a huge amount of $2.4 million making it a toy for the rich. It took nearly two years for the makers to complete this submarine and finish it with ultra comforting features.

A vending machine that protects unknown pregnancies from the hazards of alcohol consumption

Vending machine

It is a well-established fact that alcohol consumption during pregnancy makes the possibility of birth defects almost a sure thing. However, some women consume alcohol while being unaware of being pregnant. This can bear serious implications on the heath of the unborn. Therefore to avoid serious lifelong impairment to the fetus and to ease women off the fear of innocent prenatal drinking, Healthy Brains for Children has come up with a very handy solution.

World’s first underwater wheelchair allows disabled to dive and swim freely

A magical chair will soon be released in the market that will allow paralyzed go underwater with self-propelled wheelchair.  Yes! You read it right. Artist Sue Austin is worked hard on building its prototype. Austin is himself on wheelchair since 1996, has made this chair with the help of diving professionals. The chair will be navigated with customized fin and acrylic strip using foot. It will be powered using dual propulsion vehicles. The funding for the exceptional project has been provided by Art’s Council’s Impact Scheme.

The world’s first 3D printed racing car can pace at 140 km/h

The Areion

A group of 16 engineers named “Group T” has unveiled a racing car “Areion.” The group is competing in Formula Student 2012 challenge, and the car it has unveiled is world’s first 3D printed race car. The Areion is not fully 3D printed but most of it is. It was tested on Hockenheim race circuit and went from zero to 100km/h in just four seconds. The maximum speed achieved by the car on the same circuit was 141km/h. The car is eco friendly as well as a motivation for innovative technology. Cutting-edge technologies bestowed on the environmentally friendly race car include an electric drive train, bio-composite materials and 3D printing on a big scale with Materialise.

World’s first 3D printed fully functional gun you can make at your home

3D printed weapon

Who doesn’t want to own a gun? But all laws and expense for handling weapons isn’t that easy to afford. Keeping this in mind a group named as “Defense Distributed” lead by a guy named Cody Wilson launched a project called “Wiki Weapon Project.” The project aims to design world’s first firearm that can be downloaded from the internet, can be printed with a 3D printer and can fire actual rounds.