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A computer so tiny and efficient that it works in and out of the human body

With the advancement in technology, the size of gadgets is reducing considerably. The nano-breakthroughs have revolutionized the entire world and this time it is an entire operational computer which has been miniaturized. This tiny computer is less than one cubic millimeter in size and is a brain child of a team from the University of Michigan. The most fascinating part is that it is the world’s smallest computer. It has been named as Michigan Micro Mote or M3 and can efficiently perform functions like data storage, wireless communication etc.

World’s smallest wearable camera can capture your life in a fine resolution

Memoto camera

Memoto, a camera known to be the world’s smallest has been showcased by a team of scientists. The camera can capture your life moments every 30 seconds and can be weared like a necklace or clipped on to the shirt. Memoto has been modernized by a Swedish start-up and is currently being pledged on Kickstarter.

World’s smallest bike rack can fit in your pocket and can transform into an iPad mount


A Florida based company named SeaSucker has revealed Hornet, which they say is the smallest bike rack in the world. The company has been showing off a lot of products in tradeshows and outdoor events but Hornet is what we think the best of all. It can be mounted onto the window of any kind of hatchback, minivan or SUV.