Talking Solar system scale tells how much you would weigh on different planets

Making kids learn new things is not an easy task but it can be made easy using interesting and interactive learning technique. Solar System scale is a similar educational aid that has been designed to teach kids realities about solar system. The system, as depicted by the pictures, is best to explain the effects of gravity on various planets.

The system has eight plants and whenever you step on any planet, the facts and interesting information about that specific planet are vocalized. The Earth’s moon has also been included in the system. The information has been voiced by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, a renowned Amercian astrophysicist. There is a scale that displays the weight and when you first step on it, your weight on earth is displayed which changes when you step on other planets accordingly. The weight change is because of the change in gravity of various planets. So isn’t it a unique and innovative way of teaching the impact of gravitational pull of various planets on human weight, which otherwise would have been a real boring topic specially for kids.

Talking Teaching Solar System Scale

Via: Hammacher

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