Tentacle Prosthetic can grip things like real hands do

Life without limbs is really tough. All thanks to researchers and doctors who have come a long way in designing prosthetics. So many times we have seen limbs that look real but today we will be discussing a unique design which is brain child of Kaylene Kau. The tentacle prosthetic design is quite unconventional and weird. The tentacle design is bizarre but beautifully dexterous.

Kaylene Kau, who is a graduate of University of Washington for industrial design, brought a unique concept into existence that used tentacle arm for making grips. This arm allows a person to grip multiple objects the way human hands do it in real. Though nothing much could be said about the fineness of holding a pencil etc.  Another benefit is that this design requires fewer parts and motors and therefore cost of production as well as maintenance is supposed to be low.  Now we have to see how many people actually follow the prosthetic design in their real lives.

Via: Oh Gizmo

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