The BAE Striker helmet makes air defense X-RAYted

The Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet now comes with a transparent floor! Yup! From now on, it’s a fighter jet with a lucid floor or is it? Well no, not really but thanks to BAE Systems’ striker HMSS helmet, the solid metal floor of the aircraft is all but diaphanous to his eyes. So there will be no funny business from now on beneath the hull of the plane because the deadly combination of man and machine beckons to its targets “I can see you’!

So what is all the fuss about the BAE systems’ HMSS helmet? Well you must know because it gets interesting right from the start. Pretty simply put, the next time, a pilot wearing the striker helmet will not see the steel grey floor but would rather see through it to observe maybe some clouds or folks or animals down in the fields. So how does this work? To achieve a target, normally a jet would have to be manoeuvred quite deftly. But get this. The BAE systems’ helmet can see through the jet chassis to allow the pilot to even aim at the blind spots. Now how does this come about? Cameras are installed all around the plane wirelessly which are eventually linked to the helmet. The system estimates that in which direction is the pilot looking and then after aligning the target below with the mark or aim of the helmet, the enemy is intercepted and attacked upon aerially with just a push of a button. The BAE systems’ striker helmet is being developed and researched upon by the UK dense colony. The helmet has more goodies yet as HUD or heads up display has been replaced by HMD. HUD is the standard transparent screen which informs of the altitude, seed and direction- data vital to the pilot. In addition to this, the HMD or Helmet mounted display also displays targets. Only some manoeuvering of the plane will be desired.

Via: BBC

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