The Bright Eyes Kit glasses can play videos as well as respond to your tweets

Technology Will Save Us came up with a new fun project for programmers called ‘The Bright Eyes Kit.’ The kit contains programmable sunglasses embedded with 174 LEDs. Currently running as a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of £17,500 it encourages folks to study programming.

The Bright Eyes Kit

The Bright Eyes Kit glasses feature a Micro SD card slot through which low resolution videos can be played. The main purpose of this kit is to teach basic Arduino programming to the users. There is a microphone inserted inside the frame that enables users to make LEDs light up in different styles and also make rhythm dance to the beat of music. By connecting glasses to the Twitter account one can also make the LEDs flash to his Tweets.

The Bright Eyes Kit
Daniel Hirschmann is one of the founders of the TWSU group who is behind the idea of this DIY kit. According to him The Bright Eyes Kit is a fun platform for the people to learn how gadgets work with Arduino.

The Bright Eyes Kit

If you want to stand-out at your buddy’s party and make heads turn around then pre order The  Bright Eyes Kit on Kickstarter just for £160.

Via: Geek News Central

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