The Doggy radio’s musical bark is worth a hark

What’s that cuddly doggy with the red nose over there? We’ll tell you what it is and you’ll surely like what we tell you. That pup right there is a limited series radio designed by Yoshitomo Nara. This art object of a radio shall be restricted to 3000 pieces only. The ‘doggy radio’ is fashioned in fibreglass and houses in it a high-born Yamaha sound system which plays your favourite music in bright, vibrant tones.

Doggy radio

You can connect your music devices to the doggy radio via the USB cable springing from the collar. Pet the dog’s chin and you can control the volume and to turn on the unit, just twist the bulbous nose. ‘Doggy radio’ is on sale now. If you like dogs and music both, this delightful little music device can give your room a cosier, smug feel. For more details on the cute pup switch on to NaraDoggyRadio


Doggy radio

Via: Complex

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