The donut that produces high quality acoustics

Pulp fiber is the stuff that finds application in packaging everything from fragile consumer electronics to even delicate fruits. Recycled paper pulp or pulp fiber therefor is a by-product of paper with its own unique benefits. Never before did this material find application in acoustics and rightly so owing to the poor affinity of pulp fiber for acoustics. Surprisingly, shaping the same material into a donut has led to the yielding of high quality acoustics agreeable with most audiophiles.

Introducing ‘Pulpop’- a USB-rechargeable speaker system made from post-consumer pulp created by Taiwanese designers Balance Wu and Chin Yang. The designer duo conducted a number of tests before they could finalise a shape which supported the best sound. The sound from the base speaker reverberates in the donut shaped chamber making for amazing acoustics as per the designers. The speakers are rechargeable via a USB port and work with standard double ended headphone cable. Available at MollaSpace, these snack shaped little powerhouses can be yours for $56.

Via: Fastcodesign

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