The first wearable, sharable, programmable T-shirt

If we told you, you could update your status, send tweets via not what you use but by what you wear, would you buy it? If “what’s on your mind” is on your T-shirt, would you be intrigued?  Wouldn’t it be swell to step out of your home attired in digital personal expression and social technology? If you agree then tshirtOS will make it happen for you and turn that mental image of nifty little you sporting such tech apparel into reality.

The tshirtIOS

Cutecircuit, in association with scotch whiskey distillers Ballantine’s has designed a T-shirt with a built in LED screen which projects wearer’s expressions and beliefs digitally. This fusion of clothing and technology has been christened tshirtOS. The tshirtOS is a 100% cotton T-shirt, very natural to wear and can become your center for social networking and expression.

The shirt’s front features a large LED screen which supports quality graphics and you can see messages and images scrolling in rich colour. The idea is to “leave an impression” which has been Ballantine’s message. The T-shirt is controlled and personalized through an iPhone. The iPhone is fed with an app which makes the phone the brain of the T-shirt. The two are interconnected via wireless connectivity. The tshirtIOS also features a microphone, a camera which is inbuilt, an accelerometer which always keeps the LED screen in readable orientation and  speakers to make the experience musical. . tshirtIOS is capable of tweeting, sharing music, taking and sharing photos. Right now the tshirtIOS has not landed in stores. Ballantine’s and Cutecircuit wish to affirm themselves of the readiness of the potential buyers first. They shall do so by monitoring the number of tweets and video shares of the tshirtOS. If the requisite mark is reached, we shall very soon witness the streets and get-togethers lit up by colourful messages not on billboards but across chests. So if you want one, tell a friend today and let them tell it to more. Ballantine’s and Cutecircuit shall do the rest.

Via: SlashGear

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