The iPhone pouch with an integrated charging point

A new and unique way of charging your iPhone has come into existence, without even taking it out of your bag. The project has been recently featured on Kickstarter. All you need to do is keep your iPhone in the charging pouch known as Everpurse pocket, which will keep your iPhone charged throughout the day. The innovative project is the brainchild of Elizabeth Day Ormesher Salcedo. You can see further details in the video given below.

The purse has enough power to charge the iPhone to 100 per cent twice a day. You can do facebooking, instaprogramming, web surfing, games etc. without worrying about the battery backup. The Everpurse is trying to raise pledges over the Kickstarter website and if you think the project is worthy, do visit the Kickstarter website and make a pledge to help it turn into reality.


Via: Geeky-Gadgets

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