The Ludo is a soccer ball that generates cash as you kick it

Uncharted Play brought forth Soccket, a soccer ball that produced and stored electricity while you played with it. Now the same company is bringing a feel-good soccer ball that will help you in good deeds. The ball will generate some cash for social welfare i.e. building schools and hospitals, as and when you kick the ball.

The Ludo

The Ludo is made from a dense, Croc like material. It is embedded with a chip that tracks play time and wirelessly uploads it to the Play Fund which is Unchartered Play’s online gaming platform. Working of the Ludo is quiet interesting, you build your ‘play points’ when you play with the ball. The play points are submitted to your account on Play Fund and you will be asked as to which project you would want to donate your points. Food, hospitals and schools are some of the projects that are funded by Uncharted Play. When you submit your points in a specific category you donate some hours and you literally donate some cash to put together your project.

The Ludo and play fund will be released on the same day i.e. November 7th and the expected purchase price for Ludo is $59.99.  Jessica Matthews is the founder and CEO of Uncharted Play has done quiet a lot in making this technology.

Via: FastCoExist

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