The Nomad is a handy espresso machine that can serve you coffee anywhere, anytime

“Coffeeholics” may raise their cups as the finest brewed coffee can now be made anywhere, anytime using an innovative portable espresso machine. The machine has been named as Nomad and is believed to produce the highest quality espresso. The most attractive feature is you can relish your coffee anywhere where you can have access to coffee and hot water.

Coffee machine

Using Nomad is really easy. You just have to put properly ground coffee into the machine and then add some water and activate the pump handle. This petite machine has been designed taking inspiration from hand operated lever machine which acts as a standard for all espresso machines. Talking about the size, it has 15 cm cube size and weighs around 1.1 kg. The best part is it doesn’t require electricity for its working and highest quality espresso coffee could be produced with a very little effort. The Nomad serves coffee with full cream and unmatchable flavor.

Coffee machine1

Coffee machine2





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