The Potal 2 sentry turret is a portal into excitement and awesomeness

The Valve store Facebook page recently featured a video of a rebelliously awesome turret developed by Weta Workshop for Portal games. Weta is renowned for bringing to life amazing turret constructs for Valve. They’d done the same in the case of the turret from Team Fortress 2. This new turret promises to be studded with extreme functionality and features.

The turret basically gets you at ‘Hello’! The awe inspiring design and contours are a promising preview to the goodies loaded within. The turret is capable of tracking anyone who steps into its view. The sides of the turret are actually flaps which open up each time before acquiring a target. It even says hello before opening up its flaps and then eventually fires away with flashes and machine gun like sounds. If the target steps out of its sight, it proclaims ‘target lost’ and goes into sleep mode gradually. According to the developers at Weta, designing the turret was quite an uphill climb with all the minds involved pushed up to the thresholds of their creativity. The feature of opening and closing the flaps each time a target appears and disappears respectively made the software development all the more intricate. The turret utilizes customised paintball sentry software for operation.

It’s uncertain to peg down a calendar date regarding its arrival for the general public. What is certain at the moment is that the estimated price will be capable of drilling a reasonable hole in the buyer’s pocket. So if desire triumphs over thrift, the turret is yours!

Via: Geek

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