This Star Wars cake would make perfect valentine celebration for a geeky couple

The perfect treat for your Star Wars loving Valentine. They say that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach and that of a woman’s is diamonds but you might as well take it as a fact that the way to a Star Wars buff is..well nothing but star wars merchandise. Therefore, here’s a little treat which will lighten up February 14th for your ‘Star Wars Struck’ Valentine. Here’s how you can ‘make it so’.


Presenting the imperial star destroyer cake with its creamy goodness and galactic graces. Prepared by Lorenzo Wood, the cake is rested on a custom made base. The base features windows that light up. Even thruster flare effects have been incorporated. This spaceship of a cake can surely be the thing which gives you the long yearned definitive edge over star wars in your valentine’s heart. So now you be the ‘star’ this Valentine’s. Check out the video to see the soft and spongy imperial star destroyer.


Via: Geekologie

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