Thought controlled Quad hovercraft will help people with disabilities

We have seen a thought controlled wheelchair in the past, amazing was its creation. Keeping this ‘thought’ in mind, researchers at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, have developed a Quadrotor controlled by thought alone. They say it can help handicapped to interact in a new and futuristic way. The person will have to wear Emotiv electroencephalography (EEG) headset to direct the Quadrotor, signals are sent by Bluetooth to a laptop and then a wireless send those signals to the hovercraft.

thought-controlled quadrotor

The researchers considered this tech as a great way to help people who are handicapped. The quadrotor will be able to reach places that the handicapped never even dreamt of. Scientists have filled in all the commands that they were able to pick up from human brain signals in the hover aircraft. It is equipped with a camera and according to researchers seeking and clicking scenic beauties will be very useful to handicapped.

The quadcopter is thought controlled and moves forward when a user thinks “right”, boosts up to fly if user thinks “left hard”, turns clockwise by thinking “left” and takes off by thinking “push”. Grasping teeth lowers it and blinking eyes tells the aircraft to take pictures.

The thought controlled quadcopter will be displayed next month at Ubiquitous Computing Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Via: NewScientist

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