PainTTless by Thunderbike is studded with Copper and Nickel to give one hell of a Steampunk grace

PainTTless is a custom bike by Andreas Bergerforth and his squad “The Thunderbike Garage.”  The design is inspired by ice-racing motorbikes. It took about eight months to finish the built. Most of the work was done by hand and all the effort was put in for the AMD World Championship of customizing bikes which was held in Sturgis (USA).


1000cc Harley-Davidson Ironhead V-Twin has been customized to bring out the PainTTless. The engine and a lot of external components have been nickel coated. Many parts of the customized bike are copper coated (alloys, speedometer, etc.). Front has been designed aerodynamically to cope up with speed of the bike, the body is kept long and low. It cost a total of $150,000 USD including materials and manpower.

Oh and the glamorous creation by Thunderbike also won the 2012 AMD World Championship in the freestyle class.

Via: ThunderBike

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