Touch Bionic’s latest i-Limb digit prosthetic fingers are far more superior than their predecessor

Touch Bionic’s latest line of i-Limb digit prosthetic fingers are more refined than ever with more speed, accuracy and reduced size and weight. The i-limb digits combines with a wrist band which facilitates every necessary operation required to process data and power systems for the prosthesis. 

i-Limb Digits Prosthetic Fingers

The changes in the dimensions of the prosthetic fingers make them suited to a wider pool of population such as those with smaller fingers or with amputations in the vicinity of the base of the fingers. The wrist band which is powered by rechargeable batteries provides full wrist mobility.
i-Limb Digits Prosthetic Fingers
As the i-Limb prosthetic fingers sit on the skin above the muscle, they use electrodes to sense muscle contraction. This enables the user to control the movement which is amplified by a processor as it decides which fingers to open or close.
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