“Urban Rough Sleepers” Backpack transforms into a shelter to keep you cozy

Everyone surviving on earth needs to have basic amenities i.e. food, clothes and shelter. Ragnhild Lübbert Terpling, graduate from Kolding school of design, wants to help people to have one of these basic amenities i.e. shelter in a very easy and affordable way. The shelter which is in form of a backpack has been termed as ‘urban rough sleeper’ and provides space, mobility and place to live.

'urban rough sleepers' backpack by ragnhild lübbert terpling

The backpack also serves as camping equipment for those who love camping and staying outdoors. Whenever needed, it could be expanded into a complete tent and could be packed again quite easily. The space provided by tent is enough to accommodate shoes, blankets and other daily needs stuff.


The most interesting and considerate move is that 10 percent of the total profit earned by selling camping backpack to people would be used to give free urban rough sleeper to ones without housing.




Via:  DesignBoom

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