Urban Shredder- An electric motorcycle cum skateboard by Hot Wheels

The Urban Shredder is an amazing blend of a motorcycle and a skateboard. The design is perfect to allure insane riders but the fact is that it’s is a ridable Hot Wheel toy. The Shredder is supposed to be one of the most expensive and dangerous toys for the Christmas.

The Shredder draws its energy from 250 watt electric motor supported by two 12-volt DC batteries. It can accelerate up to 10 miles per hour and can live up to an hour on a single charge. The kneeling position of the vehicle almost very low to the ground is very important for the safety of the young pilots. The vehicle priced at $500 will be available in early December. So are you planning to surprise your kid with the splendid Christmas gift?

Via: Gizmodo / WordlessTech

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