Use gestures to create virtual remote controls for your home devices

Laptops, remote controls, wireless devices and many more to continue, have made us completely technology dependent. We prefer doing things sitting at one place without wasting much of the energy. We are here to discuss a similar concept made by Toon and Jiang as part of their university thesis. The interesting project made by them makes use of gestures to turn things on as well as off.

The entire set up consists of three parts. It has got a 3D camera with customized software to detect the movement of arms. A laser pointer provided to give feedback which displays a red dot wherever you point. Each device controlled by the system has specific area where the dot gets snapped when brought closer. Now with the help of another arm the device can be turned on or off.

The concept, when turned into practical uses, could help in creating virtual remote controls for music systems and TVs for changing channels, adjusting volumes, etc., without moving from your position or looking for a remote control.

Via: Phalox

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