Vietnamese acoustics for the US born Apple iPhone5

The new iPhone is expected to hit the market in September and like always the accessories for the long awaited gadget are already in the news. This time a Vietnamese site has posted a video that features headphones for the new iPhone. The video features all the important details about the new headphones and also compares them with the headphones of iPhone 4S. According to the site the headphones have been manufactured at Foxconn plant in Vietnam.

The bean of headphone looks like horse’s head and not like typical ear buds. The headphones are quite compact and integrated to match Apple’s yardstick. The small size makes them more comfortable as compared to the previous version. The label on the wires reads ‘Designed by Apple in California, assembled in Vietnam.’ The prevision version was made in China but this one has been completely manufactured in Vietnam.

iPhone Earphones

Via: Macrumors

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