Watch your food in High Definition video before ordering it: Here’s Livmenu

A woman from France wasn’t quite satisfied with the way usual restaurant menus are made out. She could not be sure whether a menu could actually portray the actual quality and taste of the food. Despite a long list of delights, she thought one could not discern how good any choice in particular would turn out to be. It struck her so that she ended up creating the world’s first video menu.


The menu is a 9.7 inch touchscreen tablet having a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and five hrs of battery backup (length of service is four hours only). It is entirely made in France and is different from any other menu as it not only displays picture but also HD video of each meal and course. The device has an intuitive interface, weighs just 570 gm and is available in six different colors. Also, it is fully customizable and comes in a Livmenu storage box. 

If you’re acquainted with the term ‘gastronomy’ then you’d know that this is certainly an impressive landmark in its direction. Gastronomy by the way is the art and practice of cooking good food. Now this ‘Livmenu‘ as it’s christened conveys the benefit from and to the maker, to the final consumer. Not only does it give adroit chefs an opportunity to display their ‘kitchen kraft” but also shows amateurs into the exact preparation and effort laid into their orders before they tastefully relish them. The touch screen functionality in particular keeps alive the traditional menu browsing experience, only more vivid and more prolific. Ergo, Bon Appetite!

Livmenu- Worlds First Video menu

Livmenu- Worlds First Video menu

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