Wearable sensor network to control body postures in the most nervous situations

New techy products are launched every day to make your life easy and better and we believe that RiSR would do the same. Wearable technology is the new hit in the market and RiSR is based on the same thought. RiSR is a blessing for those introverts who always feel shy interacting with new faces. The product has been designed in form of a network of sensors synchronized with an infrared camera and it works by sending vibrations to your body pose to make it correct. So in short, you can define this product as a body correction device. It helps in improving your social life by teaching you how to control nervousness while on date or grasp respect in the office.

The system works in a much customized way by making use of the information gathered through the sensors as well as the camera. Sensors evaluate body language of the person who is interacting with the “spot on posture evaluation in every situation.” Whereas, the camera evaluates the body language of the person he is interacting with. Though in the beginning the process of interpreting the vibrations might take a little time and the system might also take time in getting used to your body as well as habits.

The system is very simple to use. You just have to turn it on to make it assist you while social interactions. What do you say? Isn’t it amazing to control oneself in the most needed situation?

Via: Fashioningtech


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