Wearable Steampunk Typewriter with Touchpad has Bluetooth connectivity

Imagination has no bounds and the blend of right technology with seamless imagination can sometimes amaze us with the kind of results we get. Here comes an amazing keyboard wrist guard in steampunk style that adds to its beauty. The remarkable thing about the arm guard cum keyboard is it actually works with advanced features like Bluetooth and touchpad. The dazzling accessory was figured at Etsy seller BruteForceStudios.

steampunk 1

The cool thing is equipped with three in one multimedia wireless keyboard including touchpad and laser pointer. It is quite easy to recharge it with built-in rechargeable lithium ion batteries. It also features a 2.4 GHz USB wireless receiver. The stand by time for this unique device is 500 to 700 hours. It can synchronize with windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS as well as Linux.

steampunk 5

These intricately designed wrist guards are totally handmade and you if really want to own one you can order them at Etsy for $1,200 that too well in time as it might take 8 to 10 weeks for completing the piece.

steampunk 2

steampunk 3

steampunk 4

Via: FashionablyGeek


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