What do you do when your alarm clock starts flying above your head? Wakey wakey!

I think we all would agree to the fact that our greatest foe and sweetest friend is the ‘snooze’ button. Those ‘life giving’ 5 minutes of more sleep are honeyed but the sweetness wears off when these tricky 5 minutes turn into an unsettling half hour or more. Well, to save you from the après slumber mad rush each morning, the Flying Alarm Clock is here which will literally force all dregs of sleepiness to ‘flee’.
Now what the clock looks like is exactly what the clock does. Yes, that fan atop the timepiece actually makes it hover above your bedside and the commotion won’t stop until you entirely abandon your sleep and cushy pillow to catch hold of the annoying yet effective flying timekeeper. This clever alarm clock runs off of 5 AA size batteries blue backlit display. For $13 you can take home this ‘disciplinary’ clock which you will hate and love both on daily basis.

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