World’s cheapest mobile phone can be bought for £1

Simplicity is what you won’t find in any cell phone these days. Every mobile offers a treat for you in one way or the other. But this wasn’t what cell phones were actually meant for. A cell phone was basically meant for calling and texting and meeting these requirements is the world’s cheapest mobile phone by Alcatel. The Alcatel One touch 232 offers 1.5 inch color screen. Though the phone cannot offer modern social networking facilities but it does enable its user to listen to the radio.

Alcatel 232

Along with calling and texting facilities, the phone also offers a calendar, games, an alarm clock and a calculator. The phone could also be operated hands-free. The mobile is quite light and weighs around 60 grams. It is perfect for those who don’t want latest handsets and are fine with modest sets for calling and texting.

Alcatel3 232

So if you are not one of them who buy cellphones only to flaunt, go for it. The Alcatel 232 is available at and if you buy the handset you will also have to purchase £10 credit.

Alcatel1 232

Alcatel2 232

Via:  The Sun

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