World’s first 3D printed fully functional gun you can make at your home

Who doesn’t want to own a gun? But all laws and expense for handling weapons isn’t that easy to afford. Keeping this in mind a group named as “Defense Distributed” lead by a guy named Cody Wilson launched a project called “Wiki Weapon Project.” The project aims to design world’s first firearm that can be downloaded from the internet, can be printed with a 3D printer and can fire actual rounds.

3D printed gun

An open source 3D printer called RepRap that is available for less than $1000 in the market is being considered for the project. The blueprint is being designed as they are getting funds of $20,000 they have asked to make Wiki Weapon Project a reality. If the project is successful, the weapon hence made will be able to fire .22 caliber bullets. The printer uses scrap plastic to make things, so it will be easier and cheaper for you to make the gun at your home. Only drawback with this weapon will be that it won’t use magazines and will fire only one bullet at one time.

Via: Forbes

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