World’s first underwater wheelchair allows disabled to dive and swim freely

A magical chair will soon be released in the market that will allow paralyzed go underwater with self-propelled wheelchair.  Yes! You read it right. Artist Sue Austin is worked hard on building its prototype. Austin is himself on wheelchair since 1996, has made this chair with the help of diving professionals. The chair will be navigated with customized fin and acrylic strip using foot. It will be powered using dual propulsion vehicles. The funding for the exceptional project has been provided by Art’s Council’s Impact Scheme.

The main challenge was in making the chair propel because most propellers use hand’s strength, which was lacking in this case due to disability. All the modifications have been done on the NHS wheelchair and around two months were solely spent on fixing the buoyancy of the chair. Austin’s hopes are high and she says that the next model will be crafted using titanium to avoid rusting, which is the only downside of the present prototype.

Via: BBC

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