World’s highest resolution printer can print images on a surface tinier than a human hair

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research in Singapore commonly known as “A*STAR” has developed a printer that can print images with all colors on a tiny surface. Not impressed? Well, actually this printer can print images at 100,000 dots per inch. Still not impressed? The printer can print full colored image at the highest resolution on a surface that is as tiny as a human hair. Now what do you feel? I was myself astonished by the fact that someone could come up with such a brilliant piece of tech.

The above image is an enlarged view of 50×50 micrometres of image that has been printed at the highest definition possible. The image is a result of printing an ultra-resolution image in a single pixel by setting a 10 nanometer tall nanoscale pillar, topped with gold and silver nanodisks.

According to researchers printing has reached its maximum resolution with this printer, and could not get any higher. For more detailed info on this technology please visit the following links.

Nature / Nature Nanotechnology

Via: GeekTech

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