World’s smallest bike rack can fit in your pocket and can transform into an iPad mount

A Florida based company named SeaSucker has revealed Hornet, which they say is the smallest bike rack in the world. The company has been showing off a lot of products in tradeshows and outdoor events but Hornet is what we think the best of all. It can be mounted onto the window of any kind of hatchback, minivan or SUV.

Hornet 2

The Hornet is designed to fit a 9.5″x7″x2.5″ small zippered carrying case and it can also fit in your pocket. It consists of pump-action vacuum cups that make the rack easy to install. A safety strap attached to the Hornet makes it the most travel-friendly rack in the market.


Think you’ve had enough? Well not quite. The Hornet can also be transformed into an iPad holder, you just need to add a FlexArm to the vaccum cup and there you have an iPad holder that too fits in your pocket.

iPad Holder


The Hornet comes with a price tag of $183.75 and you can get one for yourself from SeaSucker’s website.

Via: BikeRumor / SeaSucker

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