Wren demonstrates how sound can be beautiful to both ears and ‘eyes’ with their wireless V5 speakers for iPhone and other smartphones

Wren sound system brings to you majesty of looks and sound packaged into one. The Wren V5 speakers are a testament to design and acoustics.  With no additional wires running around, the speakers have been built for nothing else but to emit undefiled sound from delightfully crafted speaker cabinets.
Wren Sound 15
The Wren V5 speakers utilize high performance drivers which are two in number, 3-inch in dimensions with four layer voice coils to pack in serious power. At the heart of the speakers, there’s intelligent software in the shape of Intersil’s D2 audio DSP controlled digital amplifier.  Wren has made sure to muffle out any unwanted resonance by inlaying under the fabulous veneer half-inch thick MDF board.
Wren Sound 3
To refine the sound further and ‘absorb’ absolutely any form of unwanted vibration, the speakers have been layered on the underside with 4mm low durometer silicone pad. For the cherry on the cake, the grills constituting the speakers’ fronts are not only visually appealing but also acoustically transparent which means that their design and radius has been so chosen as to prohibit them from obstructing any sound whatsoever.
Wren Sound 2Wren V5AP AirPlay Speakers are available in bamboo as well as rosewood for $399 (Free shipping).Wren Sound 4


Press Release Information:

  • Wren was created by a team led by Mike Giffin, a 35-year veteran of the consumer audio industry and the former Senior Vice President for Global Brands at Harman International.
  • The Wren V5AP is the only AirPlay-enabled sound system built to combine classic audio sensibility, real materials and the latest component technology. The way people get and listen to music is changing – CDs and MP3s are out, wireless streaming through mobile internet devices is in. The Wren V5AP is a new speaker for a new world of audio.
  • Wren’s exclusively direct-to-consumer sales offer customers superior value for a superior product.
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