A tattoo making robot etches religion on your forearm

Art is serendipity and religion is choice. Choice and serendipity meet midway in the Auto Ink- a robot that engraves tattoos of religious significance on forearms but the choice of religion remains random, depending on the impulses of the robot. Isn’t it eccentric? The eccentric idea behind the tattoo etching Auto Ink is of an artist’s Chris Eckert. Let’s observe the principle and mechanisms that guide Eckert’s tattoo press.


The device has three motors inclined at right angle to each other. The Auto Ink etches tattoo with the help of a needle attached to it and resembles a modern 3D printer. Though the tattoo making gun attached to the robot is not a real one but it works pretty well and is not permanent.


The Auto Ink is a great example of robotics and art working hand in hand. Tattoos made by the robot cannot be compared with handmade tattoos and the device would need more advanced mechanism to imitate the behavior of artists who hold the skin tight to engrave tattoos.

Via: Geek

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