AlcohoBall is a game that you can play only when you are drunk

We all know that alcohol can make us do wonders in a good as well as bad sense. It makes people fly on roads or talk like philosophers. But here we will be talking about a strange game that could be played well only if the player is inebriated. Yes! You read it right. The strange game has been termed as AlcohoBall by its designer Jan Stec.

The game was created as a project for some Experimental game design. The game takes input from a breathalyzer for the new game experience. If the device detects individual to be sober, the display will appear morphed and playing game becomes impossible. If the person is little tipsy, the display will appear flat and playing game would be very easy.

To keep the game simple, the designer created an easy version of Breakout. The game requires input from MQ-6 Alcohol Gas Sensor and an Arduino that links through UDP.

Source: JanStec

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