Amazing LEGO Robot Hand does everything your hand can do

Barbos aka Barman from Netherland is a Lego fan whose latest creation is a fully functional Lego hand. The robotic hand is built from six motors and Mindstorms NXT control units and has an ability to move like a human hand. The fingers can stretch in all directions and are also able to make a fist.

Lego Robotic Humanoid Hand

Four motors are connected to move fingers and thumb. An ultrasonic sensor has been attached to activate the hand. A hitch with this robotic hand is that it isn’t too strong to grab something but it has a plus point to show hand movements in all directions. Also, for those of you thinking wild, it can’t show you ‘the finger’.

Barman did not provide any information on how he made it. According to the video it will not be available for sale any time further. Lego Mindstorms Robotic hand is a step towards making Terminator like robots. There will come a time when we will see them in streets roaming around freely.


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