Asteroid Belt is a geeky accessory that binds your waist around gaming excitement

Have you ever heard about a combination of waist belt and gaming? Weird but true. The unique belt that we are talking about lets you play video games on its buckle. Designed by Instructables user “cunning fellow”, the Asteroid Belt is a great blend of style and practicality.

The best part is that it could be used as a quick time-waster when you need to kill time. The designer did not give any instructions on how he programmed it as according to him its quiet a job for a layman.

The Asteroid belt has its buckle made up of Brass and instead of a 3D printer, which is in trend from some recent past an engraving machine has been used for the finishing.

The belt has been named so because it is capable of only playing the classic game Asteroids termed as Rock Blaster, but the designer is working on programming it to make it able to play more games.

Though the belt is not being made for commercial purpose yet but if it gets famous who knows you might be wearing it real soon.

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