The Best Deals on TVs for Super Bowl which make you go WOW!

The revolution in TV technology has given us the best display that was not possible before. The clear graphics, crispy image, beautiful colors, and astounding sound make it feels that you are watching the picture live. The super bowl is one of the best seasons to buy a TV because some of the best smart TVs are on sale during this time. We have selected the best deals on TVs for the super bowl and list them here so whether you are going to buy your first TV or need an upgrade, you don’t have to research more.

The Best Deals on TVs for Super Bowl

5 best deals on TVs for super bowl

The top super bowl deals of this season are as follow:


Great colors, crispy image, and perfect sound, this world’s most intelligent TV has everything to give you the best super bowl experience at home.

When it comes to having an upgrade, then this entertainment package has everything that you can’t resist.  LG has been producing TVs for long and now it has achieved the level of mastery. This LG Smart OLED TV is not just smart but intelligent as well. The artificial intelligence has been boosted up by integrating Alexa and Google Assistant. They consider your words as order and work on your request immediately.

This 65” inch TV screen has 8.3 million pixels that make sure that no detail is missed. It gives perfect black and infinite contrast that enhances the shadows and increases the goodness of the darkest scene. All of its amazing features are processed by its innovative α7 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor.  The sound and picture are further improved because of the Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

With LG ThinQ it is very easy to share files. The photos, TV shows and more can be seen directly from your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This deal also gives you a soundbar with subwoofer, wall mount, wireless backlit keyboard smart remote, and other things that you may find interesting.

#2. Samsung 43″ RU7100 LED Smart 4K UHD TV 2019 Model (UN43RU7100FXZA)

No blurs, beautiful blacks, and vivid images, this Smart LED TV is perfect when you want to upgrade.

This Samsung HDR 4K UltraHD LED TV gives you four times plus the resolution of 1080p. With its efficient Motion Rate 120 technology, even the fast-moving images remain blur-free. The color quality is also unmatchable.

Additionally, this TV has built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity so you can enjoy your favorite shows on a big screen with better colors and crisp.  This feature also makes it possible to mirror screen and share content with your tablet or smartphone.

The connection of video sources is not one but three at a time because of its three HDMI input. This TV is one hub to all your entertainment needs. Every scene is beautifully augmented that you can’t keep your eyes away from the screen.

Its high powdered UHD processor functions to upgrade even the standard quality picture to near-4K quality. With this TV, you don’t only get the amazing picture, but the beauty of your room also enhances because of its modern slim design that goes well with the surroundings. This TV has everything to make your super bowl memorable.

#3. TOSHIBA 43LF711U20 – Fire TV Edition

This Smart 4K UHD LED TV is not only good for your eyes but your pocket as well. Have the breathtaking 4K experience with this TV.

Built to give you the Fire TV experience, this Smart TV takes your TV experience to the whole new level. This Fire Edition lets you watch the live-over-the air TV. You can stream movies and shows live from Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, and others.

Because of the Dolby Vision HDR, you get the super 4K HDR picture that gives the just right contrast and brightness that will feast your eyes. Whether you want to enjoy a movie or willing to have the great super bowl season, the features of this TV make everything gorgeous. The built-in Wi-Fi makes it possible to remain updated all the time; all the apps can be upgraded to the latest to give you the fun that you have demanded.

Toshiba has introduced the voice remote with Alexa, that means just give the command and it will be accomplished in no time. Alexa doesn’t only make your TV smart but your home as well. Control the lights, or set the temperature, make your room as cozy as you want in no time without diverting your eyes from the screen.

#4. SKYWORTH E20300 40″

Fast processing, best graphics, and the modern thin design, this TV adds up a value not to your entertainment only but to your room as well.

This TV has the power of Android TV and it gives you a TV experience like no other. It opens the door of more than a thousand applications to you that make your entertainment limitless. Just after turning on the TV, you can submerge yourself in the beautiful world of entertainment you rejoice.

The voice command makes searching content very easy. It also has the ability to learn the habits of the user and work accordingly.

The colors and contrast are out of the world, and what improves its class even further is the bezel-less design. You can see more and enjoy more when there are no bezels to hinder the corners. Because of the Quadcore CPU along with its Tricore GPU, you never have to wait. Just give the command and it will be completed in no time.

With its HDMI ports, you can enjoy your favorite videos and connect your devices without any trouble. The exclusive Skyworth’s Trochilus extreme is a very powerful picture engine that enhances and improves the picture using four techniques: contrast booster, adjustment of skin color, color compensation, and precision definition. All these things give you the final picture that you have desired.

#5. TCL 32S325 Smart LED TV (2019)

A smart TV solution for the super bowl that is highly budget-friendly but no lesser in quality.

When you are a bit low on budget but looking for the best TV for the super bowl, then this TCL smart LED TV could become your partner. With this TV, you can enjoy your favorite game, and watch over 500,000 movies and TV episodes. You can easily switch between your preferred shows by using their highly intuitive user interface.

It turns your smartphone into a full remote control that recognizes your voice and takes your commands. The associated mobile application gives you the ability to add new channels, browse the channels, and even a rare feature of listening to the audio on your phone of the video running on the TV. The remote with the TV has just 20 buttons that make navigation very easy and you don’t have the problem of operating all the features hassle-free.

The price range is very reasonable and within this amount even, it has the wireless connectivity option that connects your device to the internet so you can enjoy your memories on the bigger screen. Overall, this smart TV gives you the best value at the best price.

Types of Smart TVs

The smart TVs don’t only rely on the broadcast signals to show the picture on the screen, but it has the ability to show extra programs that are present on the internet or your USB. In simple words, the Smart TV is just like your computer when it comes to entertainment; you can watch your favorite movies and shows and live streaming of games and sports along with the broadcasted channels.

There are different ways to classify smart TVs:

  1. Display Technology: Depending on the display technology, Smart TVs have three types:
    1. LCD: It uses a liquid crystal display to produce the picture. As compared to the other display type in this list, it has higher power consumption, lower color gamut, and poorer contrast ratio.
    2. LED: This flat panel display uses light-emitting diodes as pixels to show the picture. They have better contrast and work really well in different lighting conditions.
  • OLED: The organic light-emitting diode is the latest in the list and offers perfect color accuracy. The view angle is also very wide. As the millions of pixels are illuminating separately, thus the image is totally blur-free.
  1. Resolution: Currently, three kinds of displays are renowned today:
    1. HD: HD means higher resolution. The picture display can be 720p. The higher the numbers, the better would be the image. The image is clear and sharp better than the old forms of display.
    2. Full HD: 1080p display is known as Full HD or 2K. These screens have 1,920 pixels horizontally and 1,080 pixels vertically. The image quality is very sharp with the best colors.
  • 4K Ultra HD: This technology has a 2160p resolution. If we compare it, it is 4 times better than the full HD TVs. The end image has a greater crisp and better clarity. The hues of the image are also incomparable.

What to look for when buying a smart TV for Super Bowl

Being a super bowl enthusiast, it becomes a must to have the screen on which you can enjoy the game at its best. As the super bowl approaches, many tech giants introduce their TVs at the best possible price. It is the right time to invest in your entertainment. But as the competition is fierce, the selection becomes even tougher. To go for the best TV, here is the smart TV buying guide for super bowl:

Display Technology: OLED or LED! OLED is the latest one and shows the true colors of the picture. The dark is really dark, and the light is light. OLED is better in other aspects as well like it is lighter and thinner than LED. It is obvious that OLED TVs are expensive than LED TVs, so when money is the issue, you can simply go for a LED TV. The image would be far way better than the LCD or Plasma, and you get other benefits as well like they consume lesser energy to work.

Display Size: Which display size to choose not only depends on the money you have but the space of your room. Where do you want to mount your TV, that’s what matters. If the room is small, then 32-inch to 55-inch options are better. But for the bigger rooms, 65-inch size or more is better.

Display Resolution: Another major aspect to check for is the resolution. You can select from normal HD to 4K Ultra HD. The 4K Ultra HD is better than anything but also has a good price tag. If low on a budget going for full HD doesn’t hurt as well.

Other than these major factors, your TV should have at least two HDMI ports; if it has built-in Wi-Fi, it is also great. Don’t just rely on the speaker of your TV when you want to have the best sound. Integrating a soundbar can change the current output of your TV too many folds. The refresh rate matter so going for 120Hz could do the job for you. The processor should be fast enough to give you non-stop entertainment.

All in all, your Smart TV is purely for your entertainment. The five TVs mentioned above are the best super bowl deals price ranging from higher to lower. Don’t worry if your budget is low, you can still get the best like the TCL model and when the money is no trouble, the LG OLED can take your Super Bowl experience to the whole new level.

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