Best invention ever! Make beer instantly just by adding powder to water

The superfast Hyperloop transportation system, 3D Printers, solar powered planes and the crash proof cars. All above mentioned modern world innovations fail when compared to the just-add-water beer. That’s right. A brewer from Alaska has invented a concentrated form of beer that you can use to make your own beer in seconds, just by adding water to it.

Pat’s Backcountry Beverages, a company in Talkeetna, Alaska has developed this just-add-water beer concentrate that might be the best invention ever as it’s considered to be the best damn drink in the world. The concentrated beer comes in small sachets. All you need is a carbonator bottle that is also supplied by the company and you can make your own beer anywhere instantly.

The just-add-water beer tastes and smells as good as an original beer. To make it you just add water, carbonate and Cheersssss!

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