The Best Time to Buy a TV that you always wanted

Buying a TV is a big investment as it requires hundreds of dollars. Every year, thousands of people buy a TV, but the wise are those who choose the right time to shop. This line is for those who are not always looking for the latest technology.

The same model that you have bought today could be present with up to 30% or more discount rates depending on the buying season. Save money on your major purchase and buy TV accessories alongside to improve your entertainment and fun.

The discount time and the models that are offered vary from one season to another. There is a huge difference between what is offered when. Before availing the benefit of any sale, you need to be clear of what feature you want so it will make your selection easy.

The Best Time to Buy a TV

Here are the best times of the year to buy a TV:

Super Bowl Season:

The Super Bowl season TV sale starts in January and February and can continue for long. The welcoming time of the biggest football season is the best time to buy larger screens. As more people want to enjoy the game on a big screen, TV prices decrease greatly. All those who want to buy 49-inch or plus-sized smart TVs, this is the ideal time to make the purchase.

Early Spring:

Around March and April, different TV producers introduce their new models. When the new model hits the market, the older one goes on sale because no company wants to fill their inventory with the previous models. If you are the person who only wants the latest, then this sale time is not for you. The discount can range up to 50% or more during this time.

Black Friday:

Black Friday is the shopping day after Thanksgiving in November. It marks the biggest sale time of the year and there is a huge discount on different items including TVs. Many retailers all over the world present TVs at very low rates. To avail the Black Friday sales benefits, you need to be agile as almost everyone is looking for this time of the year to get what they desire.

But, one thing to consider at that time is that the huge discounts sometimes come with a hidden picture. Many manufacturers make the models specified for the Black Friday sale. These models may look like the original TV models but they lack some features. They are not the original but their derivative and may trick you in getting the wrong model.

Mid and End of August:

It is not a very good time to buy a big screen but if you are looking for something for your bedroom then this is the ideal time. This back-to-school time will not give a great discount but on small models, even 10-25% is more than enough.

Cyber Monday:

One best time to buy the TV that you have been looking for long is Cyber Monday. This sale time is setting new records as the deals offered usually have a great discount. The only problem is the quantity is limited. Not every model goes on sale. There are usually flash sales and your favorite TV might appear live on sale for a shorter time period.

The models that are present on the discounted rates can have up to 50% off. Many people, when purchasing online, add the item in their cart beforehand; also, keeping your account details ready help in faster checkout.

Amazon Prime Day:

It is the global shopping event that is specifically for Amazon Prime members. It is the two days sale that happens in July. During this sale, many items are on exclusive sale including TVs. The online sale days are announced beforehand so the Prime users can get ready.

The discount can go up to 40% on TVs. Not only Amazon but after seeing the huge response of the buyers during this annual sale, many retailer giants like Best Buy and Walmart also introduce their sale deals in July. The competition among these big names ends up in benefitting the buyer. You must check during this time as well and your favorite TV model might be on sale.

To Be Prepared For the Sale:

Buying a TV during the sale time is one thing, and what preparations you must do is another. During these times, you need to have keen eyes to make the purchase. How beneficial one deal can be is totally dependent on your homework.

The model that you have selected to purchase, you need to check the original price of the model before the sale. Even the prices of the items that have put on sale could have been lowered before. The retailers do many tricks to show that the price on the items has been decreased many folds and you need to be aware of their tactics.

Search the model and look for the features. You might be getting the discount because some features have been reduced. Knowing the features and comparing them thoroughly with others will help you to pick the correct models.

If you like to have the latest model and want to bring the technology to your home right away then these sales are not for you. The sale items are not the latest. They are usually the older models and sometimes when any model doesn’t perform well, it comes on sale again and again. Just because it is on sale, you must not buy the wrong model.

Do your homework thoroughly and check the release date of the TV. If it has been released more than two years ago then it might lack many new technologies that have been changed over time.

Also, the previous models are not very smart as compared to the new ones. The latest technology has its own advantages but not everyone is able to afford them when they first hit the market.

Waiting for the technology for over a year reduces the price greatly though. No matter what you want to buy, just make your priority list first and then go for the purchase.

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