Bulletproof backpack that also transforms into a hood

The backpack that we will be talking about here is not simply a rucksack but could prove to be a life saver, especially in the war prone countries where violence and commotion are part of daily life. The unusual creation christened Kelvar rucksack is the brain child of an Israeli designer Hila Raam who is a graduate from Hadassah College, Jerusalem. To make the backpack do what it has been intended to do, Aramid: a fiber used for creating bullet proof military vests, has been brought into use.

These Rhino Skin backpacks are so robust that they can easily protect you from the impact of debris etc. in a war or under missile attack. The only thing that you need to do is wrap the side straps around your chest and wear shielding hood before lying on the ground on sensing any bit of danger. The backpack is designed in an intelligent way to protect all important organs of your body.


The thoughtful creation by Hila Raam is sure to save a lot many lives that are lost with no rhyme or reason but solely because their bodies are not shielded by any protective armour.

backpack2 backpack3 backpack4

Via:  Dezeen

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