Californian teacher created a computer lab with grand total investment of $0

We all have grown up listining to the phrase that where there is a will there is always a way. Proving it right, Robert Litt, a school teacher in Alameda created a computer lab for students in the school lacking funds. To accomplish the purpose free software was used and around 70 computers running on Ubuntu were assembled together.

Litt was well aware of the fact that education these days is imperfect without technology. Students can face real life challenges only if they have the knowledge of computer basics therefore, Litt got donated computers and cleaned the drives, which was enough to fix most of the computers.  The lab was started with 18 computers and now is operational with not less than 70 computers within a year.

The most striking and praise worthy feature about this lab is that it has been set without any investment or funding. This free of cost digitalized education system keeps the education cost low and provides an opportunity to share the knowledge. The kids now have a better way to learn and interact with technology, all thanks to Robert Litt for thinking out of the box and accomplishing the great mission.

Via: Geekosystem/ Techdirt


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