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Perfect replica of Nintendo gaming console made of LEGO


Weltall1028, a Flickr user has created an awesome replica of Nintendo Entertainment System using LEGO bricks. LEGO NES is imitation of actual NES featuring the exact same size and dimensions. Color theme also matches the original NES console i.e. black and white. Top of the console can flip open to place in it the actual NES cartridge.

Disney’s 3D printed device lets you “feel” virtual objects

Aireal: Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air

Aireal, a device that has been developed by researchers of Disney lets you feel virtual objects. Yes, that’s true. The device when connected on to your television or your iPad blows rings of air on you to create a sensation on your body and make you feel virtual objects. It’s like you’ll be able to feel bullets and bombs when you are hit by enemy in CoD.

Asteroid Belt is a geeky accessory that binds your waist around gaming excitement

Have you ever heard about a combination of waist belt and gaming? Weird but true. The unique belt that we are talking about lets you play video games on its buckle. Designed by Instructables user “cunning fellow”, the Asteroid Belt is a great blend of style and practicality. The best part is that it could be used as a quick time-waster when you need to kill time. The designer did not give any instructions on how he programmed it as according to him its quiet a job for a layman.

Steampunk coffee table inspired from NES controller is made of recycled stuff

Steampunk Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

You may be a coffee addict or a gaming freak. Whatever the situation may be, you will just love Charles Lushear’s marvelous creation which is a coffee table inspired from Nintendo controller. The artistically created coffee table features Steampunk style and is therefore called “Steampunk Nintendo Controller Coffee Table.” It is made from recycled materials with a glass set on the top to hold your coffee.

Lego ‘Game of Thrones’ scenes will surely amaze fans of the show as well as Lego admirers

Passion can take us to any limit. No matter how grown up we are but when it comes to liking something passionately we all become kids. Who would have thought of making an American epic fantasy television series Games of Thrones using Legos that too keeping in mind the target audience of the show. But strangely an enthusiastic fan has designed a complete site named as Lego Games of Thrones that represents scenes from the show using Lego.

Soccer ball spins and bends automatically when kicked

BuredaMaster Blur Ball

Do you want your kid to be a soccer player? Yes of course, everyone wishes to make his kid play like Bechkam! You can fulfill this dream of yours by making your kid play with this miraculous ball termed as “BuredaMaster Blur ball” or “BuredMaster Bending Ball.” The ball lets you put some spin on the shot even if you aren’t good at playing football. It’s a “magic ball” that also produces sound effects when kicked.

Play Paintball in style with this Bow and Airow gun

Airow Gun

Paintball is an awesome thrilling game. Playing it with a gun makes you feel like a battlefield hero. Still if you want to play the game in more stylish form then here is just the thing for you. A Paintball Airow Gun that lets you shoot paintballs with a bow and arrow. The Airow Gun fires at a speed of 280 ft/sec as you pull the string and release it. 

Sci-Fi movies inspired AtmoSphere toy hovers on hand

Have you ever heard about a chopper being controlled by the palm of your hands other than a remote control or a smartphone application? If not, here it comes! Air hogs, a renowned name in remote control vehicles has come up with a fascinating approach that would make a helicopter move in response to the hand movements of the user. The chopper yet to be released has been named as AtmoSphere.

Real life version of Mario Karting is a dream come true for Mario Kart game fans

If you are a Mario Kart fan you would have surely fantasized about playing a real life version of the game once in a while. There is a good news for all such fans out there as two engineers from Texas named Hunter Smith and Ben James have created a real life version of Mario Bros racing game.

Fascinating Steampunk Xbox 360 & GE 1960’s Antique Radio Combo-Mod

Steampunk Xbox 360 and Radio Top

I’m not exactly sure what makes people want to mod their game systems. Maybe it’s a creative spark, maybe it’s complete and utter obsession with a game, or maybe it’s just boredom. On this one it is a distinct combination of ADHD and boredom of the “unemployed” variety. With that being said, this mod began with the purchase of an antique General Electric 1960s clock radio receiver.

Working with moss and lichen covered hard drive would be real fun for gadget freaks

This matchless hard drive will amaze all gadget freaks out there. Shadow of the Colossus is one of those perennial games which never go out of acceptance. Its official marketing may have stopped long ago but lovers of the game still spread the word far and wide. What makes the game so compelling is its engaging gameplay overlaid on a strong emotional story. Reddit user foxfoxwaltz has paid his tribute to the legendary creation by modelling his hard drive after one of the colossi.

CES 2013: Nvidia unveiled Project Shield, an amazing handled gaming console

CES 2013 in Las Vegas is providing platform for many amazing things. Nvidia has come up with a high tech Tegra 4 mobile chip that powers Project Shield, an amazing Android gaming handheld console. The device resembles a wireless controller with flip up display. The input output ports are provided at the back of the device. It has HDMI, microSD, USB and audio jack as well.

Customized Halo 4 Xbox 360 with built-in screen will surely amaze you

There is a nice package for gamers. The customized Xbox that we are talking about here has got everything. It has Xbox 360, seven inch LCD display, two 2W speakers with volume tuning control on console’s back, Halo 4 symbols lit with LED’s  in orange along with Halo 4 Masterchief Armor inspired tint. There is also a 7V fan Mod for proper ventilation. The amazing project was undertaken by Justin Bassett of United States.

Huge fully functional Nintendo controller made from LEGO bricks

There is a good news for LEGO lovers and a win-win for those who love gaming along with LEGOs. Yes, we are taking about a huge NES controller almost five feet in size.  The amazing work was undertaken by Baron Von Brunk. The striking controller is not only exact LEGO made replica of NES but is also fully functional. Though using giant LEGO control combos are expected to make the game little tough.

AlcohoBall is a game that you can play only when you are drunk


We all know that alcohol can make us do wonders in a good as well as bad sense. It makes people fly on roads or talk like philosophers. But here we will be talking about a strange game that could be played well only if the player is inebriated. Yes! You read it right. The strange game has been termed as AlcohoBall by its designer Jan Stec.