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UPenn’s TitanArm exoskeleton adds strength of metal to your biceps

Exoskeletons are being used all around the world for making heavy lifting easy and for helping people increase mobility of their arms in case they are they have been stiffened after a surgery or accident. They not only fulfill ones desire to have something inspired from sci-fi but also support people with disabilities. The TitanArm prototype that we are discussing here has been made by a team from University of Pennsylvania. The team even won silver for prototyping upper body exoskeleton.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a girlfriend! This coat will never let you feel alone

Riajyuu Coat

If you don’t have a girlfriend and you feel alone! No more worries. Japanese researchers have invented a coat that hugs you from behind and lets you feel like you are being hugged by a girl. You also hear girl-whispers in your ear through a pair of headphones. Riajyuu Coat is what the developers call it. Designed by the engineers at the University of Tsukuba, the concept of the coat is clear as to make everyone feel that they have a girlfriend and are never alone.

A tattoo making robot etches religion on your forearm

Art is serendipity and religion is choice. Choice and serendipity meet midway in the Auto Ink- a robot that engraves tattoos of religious significance on forearms but the choice of religion remains random, depending on the impulses of the robot. Isn’t it eccentric? The eccentric idea behind the tattoo etching Auto Ink is of an artist’s Chris Eckert. Let’s observe the principle and mechanisms that guide Eckert’s tattoo press.

Now this is badass: A robot band playing heavy metal song “Ace of Spades”

An all-robot band called Compressorhead has three members a bassist, guitarist and a drummer. They can play AC/DC and Pantera like heavy metal classics. Their latest video features a popular track by Motorhead called “Ace of Spades”. You can see them move their heads and arms like actual band members, in the video below.

Amazing LEGO Robot Hand does everything your hand can do

Lego Robotic Humanoid Hand

Barbos aka Barman from Netherland is a Lego fan whose latest creation is a fully functional Lego hand. The robotic hand is built from six motors and Mindstorms NXT control units and has an ability to move like a human hand. The fingers can stretch in all directions and are also able to make a fist.

Tiny ping pong robots could build a habitat on another planet

Technology is making things faster and compact. Did you ever imagine seeing ping pong ball sized robots? Assistant Professor Nikolaus Correll along with his team has developed 20 such robots in the University of Colorado Boulder US. These robots can perform complex tasks and researchers are further working on them to make them versatile. The robots can work together in synchronization.

Life size Tachikoma robot can carry you in its womb and show you the world around

Tachikoma robot

Japanese are known for their genius work. Amalgamating their genius minds with a popular fiction called Magna, this time they created a life- sized Tachikoma robot that can actually move while carrying a person inside. Four legs of the robot feature one wheel each and the movement is controlled by a joystick. 

Kibo robot makes you fall in love with itself by making friendly relations

Kibo robot

Kibo, a robot that is designed to give space astronauts some company when they feel alone in space is a project by Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), Robo Garage of Kyoto University, Dentsu and Toyota. A 13 inch robot weighing 1kg and is capable of making friendly relations with humans by understanding their behaviour and emotions. It can also take pictures, make a valid conversation and can post Twitter updates for you. Following is the sketch model of Kibo that shows how the robot will look like. 

Disabled police officers will use a RoboCop against crime in future

The law of the future is advanced, the future of law is robotics so don’t be surprised if you’re pulled over on a highway and within moments you find a slick robot deputy rolling up to your window with the words “Your license and registration please”! The research that we are going to discuss here will leave you awestruck. Researchers at Florida University’s Discovery Lab along with a member of U.S. Navy are working on telepresence robots that could patrol like policemen and could be controlled by disabled police officers. The robot will work like man-machine hybrid cop and therefore has been rightly named as RoboCop.

Soft robotic tentacles produce 3D movement to pick up the flowers

Whenever anyone talks about a robot, we usually imagine a robust machine performing challenging tasks. But the robot that we are going to discuss here is one of its kinds. The soft robot is being developed at Harvard University by George Whitesides and his team. This delicate robotic tentacle is quite flexible and twists around a flower without harming it. Flexible plastic has been used to craft the tentacle containing three air channels running throughout its limb. Controlled air pumping into these channels bends tentacle and allows it to curl around the flower with a very delicate grip.

Identify leaks in the pipes using remote-controlled water droplets

robotic water droplets

Sometimes small things make our life taxing, like finding a leak in a pipe can become labor intensive as well as time consuming at times. The situation might get worst if the pipe runs underwater oozing invisible chemicals or if the leak is small. A novel method is being worked upon using remotely controlled water droplets. Peng Wang, an assistant professor of environmental science and engineering along with his team discovered a smart way to envelope single droplet of water in a nanometer sized sphere. The sphere made up of iron oxide and covered with silicon and a polymer, behaves like liquid marbles.

Man creates a real life Transformer that transforms into a huge robot


Liu, a man from Jinan, Shandong Province is a big fan of Transformers. He dedicated six months and US $11,025 to make a real life Transformer robot at home. Liu was annoyed by the fact that most of the Transformer toys in market claim to be Transformers but do not transform or move at all. So, he decided to make one for himself that could transform into a huge robot.

With a vacant driver seat, the safest car steers its way to 120 mph

When luxury and technology team up to get behind the wheel, the result is somewhat of the character of a ‘robotic chauffeur’. Recently, a circuitous race track in California witnessed an Audi TTS being deftly handled through sharp nooks and curves solely by virtue of robotics.

Fijibot is an autonomous solar powered robot that lives by finding light on its own

A cute little robot named Fijibot is an entirely autonomous robot that eats light to stay alive. Fijibot is self charging and uses a solar powered battery. “mikesoniat” is an Instructables user who built Fijibot and submitted all important steps in building it so that you guys can build it yourself at home.

The Spine Robot is a real life Dr. Octopus arm and is powered by hydraulics

Survival Research Labs have come up with a beautiful tool named as “The Spine Robot.” The robot is a tentacle-like robotic arm powered by hydraulics and is made out of four rope tendons. It looks very much like the arm of Dr. Octopus from Spiderman.